Thursday, December 22, 2011

Much Needed Update!

Well finals are completely over and break is here. Which means I can finally give updates and catch up on blog posts. I'm going to post all of the major events that have happened over the last few months with Baity, but this is just a quick update. Baity has been constantly getting sick over the last two much which means I had LOTS of trips to the vet: Fleas, paw infection, got a poisonous mushroom, worms, worms again, possible allergies, and currently an ear infection. He is almost done with his medication for his ear infection, and I am hoping that will be the last of Baity getting sick until he does back (we are thinking it will be the March 3rd INF date).
And although Baity is finally well, as soon as break hit I sadly got sick. Can't wait for the sickness days to be behind us!

-Gabby and Baity

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