Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baity's Home!

Even though its been a couple months since the puppy swap I thought I'd give a little overview.

We loved having Judy and she was a great dog to take to campus. She went IFT (In For Training) in October and we know she will do great! I definitely miss her little happy self. She was definitely very different from lazy boy Baity.

We got Baity back in the beginning of October which is when the craziness started happening. Because of the time of year and some other factors, Baity came home with fleas. I have never dealt with fleas before and never thought I would because we give Baity all his medications on time. Thankfully there were only about 10. Since then, no more fleas!
The meeting for swapping back puppies was at a huge mall, and we got the awesome opportunity of working with one of the trainers from Southeastern. She showed us some great tips and tricks for working with the dogs. It was an exciting day for us raisers getting to see our dogs again after 2 wks. I was glad to finally have my boy home!

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