Friday, April 27, 2012

Baity Update!

I'm finally getting around to updating! The month has been very busy with college and endless amounts of end of semester projects and tests, but I just had to give an update on Baity!

Wednesday was a very exciting day because we got Baity's official harness photo from the school. He looks so big and grown up in the pictures I can hardly believe it!

                                                         Baity at 6wks in the harness            

 Baity at 1 yr in the harness

A few weeks ago we also got his very first report card (which was for March), this is what the trainer said,

Baity is doing well at guide dog school.  His work and his roommates keep him active, so he is slimming down nicely. He LOVES clicker training and is responding well. His one thing to improve on is his vocalizing while in the crate. He is a big teddy bear and I enjoy working with him! 

We were very glad to hear he is doing so well! Not surprised at all that he loves clicker training and is being the big loving teddy bear he is! Although I did find it very surprising that he is having problems with being too vocal since he was always fine when left in his crate. Guess college can change you!

The other exciting news was that I got a message from another puppy raiser who keeps up with Southeastern's Twitter, that Baity was in one of the photos! I was super excited because they don't always post pictures of your dog in training with there are so many of them. They also posted 3 photos of him!

Pictures taken from Southeastern Twitter 

Baity and Paxton

Blossom, Baity and Paxton

Baity always has his eyes closed in pictures!

Blossom, Allie (Baity's sister), Baity, Paxton

Look at that meat scarf! 

It looks like Baity has gotten better with his dog distraction problem (which I figured he would!) and is having a great time hanging out with his friends and siblings! Keep being a good boy Baity!

Charlotte has also been doing great...growing quickly! I will have an update on her hopefully this weekend.

Until the Next Adventure...and Update!