Friday, May 20, 2011

Hanging out with Lucy

About a month ago Baity started having play dates with our next door neighbor's dog Lucy. She is a cocker spaniel-poodle mix, and very tiny compared to Baity. Whenever they are both outside they try to play with each other through the fence by running back and forth along the fence, taking turns leading. It's quite funny to watch.

I usually try and plan a play date with Lucy on a day I know Baity won't be getting out. That he can get out some energy. Lucy does a great job wearing Baity out!

 The first time he played with her she was a little unsure of him because he would constantly try to jump on her, even though he was her size at the time. But now, they get along like best friends and enjoy just laying around together and playing "keep away."

The one draw back of her living next door and being his favorite play buddy, is that she is quite a distraction when we are outside. Whenever we are on walks and walk by her house he always trys to pull towards her house. They just can't get enough time with each other!

Until the Next Adventure...

Monday, May 16, 2011

One on one time with the Baity!

(An older picture of Baity, I need to upload my new ones!)

This week, Baity got to be the proud pup and watch his primary graduate. Because his primary had to be there early, and would be busy walking down the aisle, and accepting her high school diploma, I was tasked with watching him. He did very good as we took our seat, me on a bench and him on the floor.

However, there was one problem, the floor was linoleum! Now 1. Baity loves cold floors, so he immediately went to sleep like a good pup, but 2. Linoleum floors cause fury little puppies to slide very slowly forward until there under the next bench in front of them, where his primary (Gabby) was sitting. We soon figured out that if I straddled him, using my foot to keep him sliding, he could stay in one spot. Of course I looked funny doing this in a dress, but if it works for Baity, it works for me!

When taking a puppy everywhere, you always have to plan for the unexpected. Kongs, those rubbery funny looking toys you can put peanut butter in, are perfect toys in quiet environments. One of the things we planned on was Baity possibly making noise if he say his primary go on stage. Only Baity had other plans because I was prepared to have to shush him, but instead he just kept on sleeping! Way to go Baity! He slept through the first 45 minutes of the ceremony before becoming a little restless. All he needed was his Kong and he was fine. He then fell back alseep for the remainder of the ceremony.

Baity lasted 2 hours in a very quiet environment, I was so proud! Of course I made a bee line for the door once we were done so he could relieve himself, then he got to attend the afterparty. He did well there and got exposure to many kids (Gabby has all the pictures to prove it). My highlight of the night was when I held Baity and got to witness him being so sweet and gentle to someone he could possibly serve. I was so proud of him in this moment!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traffic walk and new siblings!

This past weekend, we had a Guide Dog meeting a shopping center nearby and the puppies got to do a traffic walk and grocery store visit. But the biggest thing for Baity, was that he got to meet his hlaf siblings for the first time! 2 girls, Kelly and LaDelia, and Oakley. They were all SO cute and look JUST like Baity; white with tan all over. They all share the same dad, Bentley, so I'm curious to see if they have some of the same characteristics that Baity has. He was thrilled to see a bunch of new puppies, and even made sure to be gentle with them. It was definitely a good distraction for Baity and gave me an opportunity to work on "no pulling," since he typically does really well on leash.

From left: Kelly, Oakley, Baity

 Sisterly love

Before the traffic walk we went into the grocery store in order to get some exposures, Baity has been to the grocery store many times so I knew he'd enjoy it. Like he usually does when I go somewhere, if I stood in the same place too long or stopped to take a picture, he plopped right down and started to go to sleep. We did have a little incident or should I say "accident" in the middle of the store. Baity is usually very good about going potty when I give him a chance before going into a store, but with all the excitement I guess he just didn't realize he had to go. So not even 2 minutes into the store, he left a nice long trail in the produce section. This would normally not be a problem except that I didn't have enough cleaning supplies for the large trail. 10 paper towels later we were good and on our way. Since then, I have made sure to carry a Sham-Wow with me (very absorbent) and also we heard that puppy training pads are very good for messes. 


The traffic walk went really well, just as I had suspected, and Baity barely took notice of the fast passing cars of the busy road. He was way more interested in his cute little siblings.

Ignoring traffic
 From left: Oakley, LaDelia, Kelly, Baity

After the meeting a bunch of us raisers went out to eat, and since the puppies were so tired they went right to sleep under the table. Baity enjoyed cuddling up to one of the older puppies, Lexie and she did so good ignoring his nips and distractions.

Until the next adventure...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Tooth!

Today Baity turned 4 months old! And much to my surprise, I discovered that he had lost his first tooth! I was playing with him and he was rolling around with his mouth opened when I notice he was missing one of his two front teeth. At first I was worried that he knocked it out because I thought that they don't lose teeth till they are older. But after doing a bit of googling, I discovered it its actually between 4-6 months...way to hit the 4 month mark Baity!

Until the Next (little) Adventure...

4 Months Old!

I can't believe Baity is growing so fast! Today he is 4 months, which not only means he's getting older, but also means that he gets to go more places and do more things. Tomorrow he will be getting his 16wk shots, and after that he won't have to go back for another year *Baity leaps with joy,* this also means that he will be able to go to all the puppy meetings to see the other guide dogs in training. Because of the possible exposure to other dogs who do not have all their shots, he wasn't able to go to any of the puppy meetings this past month, because they have been in parks.

Today was also a very proud moment for me as a raiser. After church we took Baity out to eat with us, like usual, and there was a little 1 yr old girl running around the restaurant. Now Baity absolutely loves little children, especially little toddlers, and tends to get quite hyper and excited when they are near. He was lying down wide awake while we were enjoying our lunch and the little girl was right next to us, running back and forth in front of Baity's head. He stayed laying down even when she came inches from his nose. I was so proud of him for staying completely calm and for not trying to jump up and try to join the fun. Only when she reached out her little hand to his nose did he lift his head and give her sweet kisses on her hand. She squealed with happiness but he remained laying down while kissing her. Then she continued to run around while he just laid there and watched. I gave him lots of praise for staying so calm and being so well behaved...he really is growing up so fast!

Little girl running past Baity

Sweet kisses!

Until the Next Adventure...