Thursday, December 22, 2011

In For Training Possible Date

Baity is currently the oldest dog in our puppy group, which means his IFT date should be coming up soon. The age is about 12-14 months when they call the dogs back, but it just depends on the school. I was told that Baity is not on the list for January, and the next date isn't until March 3rd. So, I think that the March 3rd date may be his in for training date since he will be almost 14 months old.

Almost everyone asks me how I can give him up, I always reply that you just remind yourself of what he is going to do for someone one day, and remind yourself of the fact that although you love him, you will have to give him back soon. 98% of people tell me they couldn't do it. The truth is no one wants to or really can, but you do it anyway. Yes it will be sad the day you have to give them up, and truthfully I will probably be very sad for a while after that. But if you had the choice to not have gotten them and therefor not have had to give them up, if sure all puppy raisers would agree that the time with the dogs is something you wouldn't trade, even if its for a short while. The puppy become your sidekick and everyone recognizes you by your dog. Its weird when you don't have them by your side, and attachment they get to you and you to them is one that is very unique. That being said, I know Baity's day to take him back will be a hard one, but its one we all have to do. It teaches you to appreciate everyday, and that some of the best things in life require some sacrifice.

11 Months old- December 9th

Its hard to believe how big Baity has gotten in so little time. The time just flew by. I can't believe that he will be a year old next month. I still remember his cute little puppy face and paws, now he is this huge dog. Speaking of huge, at his last vet visit (12/15) they weighed him at 87 lbs. He was weighed back in November, just one month earlier, and was 78lbs. At this rate he could get close to a 100 lbs! (His dad was 105lbs when he went IFT) Its clear how big he is in the photos below. He takes up almost the entire row of seats in minivan! In my small car, he has to lay on the bench in back and takes up the whole thing. I can't imagine him being any bigger...I don't think he would fit very well in the classes this next semester if he gets an bigger!

Decorating for Christmas

About a week after Thanksgiving we decided to decorate our house for Christmas! I can't believe it was already that time of year again. I've been really excited for Baity's thanksgiving and want to make sure I capture every moment I can, because like Thanksgiving, this will also be his first and last Christmas with us. 

He wasn't very happy being kept away from the decorations

Reading a christmas story

(Camera didn't like the lighting)


For Thanksgiving we had a family come stay with us for about 5 days, and on thanksgiving day we had another family come for the day. This meant there were lots of kids running around the house. Baity did so well! Because of all the excitement before thanksgiving (family from out of town came early) by the time Thanksgiving did come, Baity was exhausted. He slept through most of Thanksgiving and to my great relief didn't get a single scrap of food.

But unfortunately Baity had to go to the vet the next day, I suspected worms again, and I was right he did in fact have them again, but this time a different type. 

Even with Baity getting sick, it was still a great Thanksgiving. It was Baity's first and last Thanksgiving with us, and one I will definitely remember.  


In mid November me and my family went to a local festival that I have been going to since I was 2, and I was excited to get to bring Baity along this time. The festival was great with service dogs, and gave me no hassle for bringing him. He loved it! There were lots of people and many different sights and smells. He even got to see some horses, which he stared at for a good 15 min. There were also camels and people dressed up, so it was a great place for new exposures. We even got our picture with a walking tree!
(P.S Baity almost never looks at the camera)


For halloween I thought it would be fun to dress Baity up when I saw the most perfect costume for him. We had an event at church called the Fall Festival, and I knew it would be a great place to expose Baity to some new things such as kids in costumes and inflatable bounce houses and slides. I ended up dressing up to match Baity too, just for fun. The kids thought it was great and Baity didn't mind dressing up at all!

Baity's Home!

Even though its been a couple months since the puppy swap I thought I'd give a little overview.

We loved having Judy and she was a great dog to take to campus. She went IFT (In For Training) in October and we know she will do great! I definitely miss her little happy self. She was definitely very different from lazy boy Baity.

We got Baity back in the beginning of October which is when the craziness started happening. Because of the time of year and some other factors, Baity came home with fleas. I have never dealt with fleas before and never thought I would because we give Baity all his medications on time. Thankfully there were only about 10. Since then, no more fleas!
The meeting for swapping back puppies was at a huge mall, and we got the awesome opportunity of working with one of the trainers from Southeastern. She showed us some great tips and tricks for working with the dogs. It was an exciting day for us raisers getting to see our dogs again after 2 wks. I was glad to finally have my boy home!

Much Needed Update!

Well finals are completely over and break is here. Which means I can finally give updates and catch up on blog posts. I'm going to post all of the major events that have happened over the last few months with Baity, but this is just a quick update. Baity has been constantly getting sick over the last two much which means I had LOTS of trips to the vet: Fleas, paw infection, got a poisonous mushroom, worms, worms again, possible allergies, and currently an ear infection. He is almost done with his medication for his ear infection, and I am hoping that will be the last of Baity getting sick until he does back (we are thinking it will be the March 3rd INF date).
And although Baity is finally well, as soon as break hit I sadly got sick. Can't wait for the sickness days to be behind us!

-Gabby and Baity