Thursday, December 22, 2011

11 Months old- December 9th

Its hard to believe how big Baity has gotten in so little time. The time just flew by. I can't believe that he will be a year old next month. I still remember his cute little puppy face and paws, now he is this huge dog. Speaking of huge, at his last vet visit (12/15) they weighed him at 87 lbs. He was weighed back in November, just one month earlier, and was 78lbs. At this rate he could get close to a 100 lbs! (His dad was 105lbs when he went IFT) Its clear how big he is in the photos below. He takes up almost the entire row of seats in minivan! In my small car, he has to lay on the bench in back and takes up the whole thing. I can't imagine him being any bigger...I don't think he would fit very well in the classes this next semester if he gets an bigger!

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