Friday, March 18, 2011

Rock-a-bye Baity

With the many adventures Baity has so far, and all the growing he is now doing, I have come to one realization: puppies need their sleep! And boy! Can Baity sleep!
Asleep on tile. Baity loves cold floors!

Asleep in his crate. Nighty nighty!

 On wood, a few minutes after walking into our friends house!

 Asleep once we walk into church
 Half sleeping, half playing on top of my purse
In the car asleep by the air

As you can see, Baity loves cold things. For example air, tile floors, and especially cement floors.They are his FAVORITE to sleep on. We hope with all his sleeping that our lovely buddy is going to grow big and strong! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First day in Coat!

Today was a big day for Baity! To start out he got to go to the puppies obedience graduation. He did great being their distraction while they were in their "stays" and loved every minute of it! It was also his first time being in coat and handled the "strange cape that seemed to be following him" very well :)

After that we decided to take him on an errand with us. Everyone awwed and gave him lots of attention which he loved. Even with all the people around him, he still managed to fall fast asleep in the middle of the store! Something we have discovered this week is that he will sleep through just about anything! Including vacuum cleaners and herds of kids. 
We then finished off the day by going out to eat and believe it or not, Baity managed to sleep through the  whole dinner! With all the sleeping and eating he's been doing, we think that Baity's going to really start growing soon!
Until the next adventure...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2: Meet Baity!

Today is our second day of having our wonderful guide dog puppy Baity. He is a 8wk old yellow lab (looks white), and is big and fluffy! Our family absolutely adores him, and he has made himself right at home. Sunday, the 6th, was his first night with us. Once we saw his cute little face and droopy eyes we instantly loved him. Although he has not gone to the vet yet, we are sure that he has healthy, strong lungs and vocal chords! The first night was definitely hard for him, lots of screaming on his part, but last night he slept right through the night, only whimpering softly when needing out. His favorite thing as of right now is sleeping...but we'll see how long that lasts.
Until next time...