Monday, May 14, 2012

Baity's Report Card #2

Today I just got sent Baity's report card for April. He has progressed so much since last month and we are very proud of him. He is still in phase one of his training which is: curbs, straight line, harness and turns. He is not being noisy in the crate anymore and is continuing to improve! Here are the comments from the trainer:

Baity continues to do well. He has stopped vocalizing while in the training crate, which is great. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of jumping up into the upper crates, but we give him an A for effort. He is doing well learning his guide dog work, but is a little miffed that the treats are starting to disappear; he’s getting over it though and still enjoys receiving praise!  He lives in a community with 6 other boys and they all get along great. 

The comment about him not being able to jump up into the crate definitely made me laugh a little. He was always apprehensive when it came to jumping up and down from high places (which for him was the car) and is a tad bit on the clumsy side :) Glad to know he is getting along well with his group of boys and we are excited for him as he continues to learn!

Good job Baity, keep up the hard work!

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