Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picnic Adventure

Olivia here with another adventure!

This morning my youngest sister and I decided to head to the park with the some friends. Of course going to the park is a perfect activity for a puppy, so we grabbed her stuff and went on our way!

Because we were eating lunch there I wanted to bring something to keep her occupied. The night before, just for fun, I made Charlotte a homemade Frosty Paw.

Frosty Paw's are like ice cream for dogs. We first discovered them at the Southeastern Walkathon, and they are fairly easy to make at home.

This kept her nice and occupied throughout the whole meal! Afterwards she just kept clinging to the bowl and kept it in her mouth (we were unable to get a picture though). 

After our meal we took a small walk. The park has a giant wooden stage with an awning that is used for the local orchestra's concerts. Wooden floors are especially good to expose the dogs too so we took a walk on the stage.

Charlotte was perfect on the wooden boardwalk and quite enjoyed being active compared to the last few days. 

The weather was also perfect! There was a nice cool breeze which is great for puppies who can easily get over heated. 

Our next stop after the park was the mall! The park happens to be right in the center of a nice business area. It has a lot of high end stores, as well as regular ones. We are pretty familiar with this mall and took Baity with us several times.

Charlotte did a great job staying next to the wall and leading. There was a lot of different distractions and new noises, which she did a great job ignoring. We stopped by the store Vera Bradley and Charlotte had fun time getting to meet someone new. She stayed seated the whole time while being petted. 

After a long day Charlotte was exhausted! So it was home for a nap.

As for the Frosty Paws recipe it is quite simple: First, take a small dish that can easily be filled to the top. I recommend washable silver cups or small plastic cups (the ones you use for punch at parties). Next, scoop some unsweetened plain yogurt into the cup and add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Smooth the top of the mixture before you cover it with plastic wrap and pop it in the freezer. Then, wait a couple hours (or overnight) and let your puppy enjoy!

Until the next adventure...

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