Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home sweet home...

Last Friday, me and my family flew out to California to go to a wedding and do some sight seeing while we were there. This trip had been planned since last year, before we even got Baity. At first, we thought we would take him because it would be a really great experience for him, and he would have lots of exposures. Our area coordinator (AC) said that taking him would depend on how well he could hold having to go to the bathroom, especially on a plane ride that could get stuck on the runway for a while. Even though I knew Baity would have behaved himself and would have loved CA, we decided that it would be easier if we left him at home.  We were staying in a hotel and the idea that I may have to leave him there alone at some point, didn't sit well with me.
That being said, he got to go stay with a sitter who is currently raising a puppy in training named Hedy. She is a little bit older than Baity, but when I dropped him off they both were rolling around playing like young puppies. The sitter also had two other dogs, both males, which was good for Baity since he doesn't get many male dogs to play with (his buddy Joe just went IFT [in for training] last weekend). I got an e-mail last night after we arrived home, from his sitter and she had sent some pictures of Baity and the other dogs.

Baity and Hedy

 Did I ever mention how much he loves fireplaces...

When he came home early this morning, he was definitely excited to be home, but I know he must miss his buddies! He will definitely be excited next time he sees them.

Until the next adventure...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

6 Months old

Well I can’t believe this day has finally come…Baity is 6 months old today!

Trying to go to sleep...

The 6 months old age has always been a really big one to me. Mostly because it means he is half a year old and is now less puppy and more dog.
I’ve started noticing more male dog behaviors from Baity. Now when we go on walks, Baity is all of a sudden very aware of all the different dog scents. The fire hydrants and bushes that he used to completely ignore, have become much more interesting to him… and his nose. He also has lost completely all of his baby teeth and all of his adult teeth have grown in, including his big pointy canines. His bark also got a lot lower. That high pitch yap he used to have has gotten deep and loud, to the point where I barely recognized his voice! But I am very fortunate because he rarely barks. He only barks when he is put in his crate during daylight hours and knows someone is still in the house. (Note: Baity is rarely in his crate during the week, only for events which he can’t come to, and no more than 4 hours tops. Except of course for sleeping, which he is required to be in a crate)

 Baity has also grown a ton! About a week and a half ago I took Baity to get him weighed and he was a big 55 lbs (his brothers are about 45lbs and his sisters about 35). Since then, he has managed to grow more. Sadly I do not own a scale but I’m guessing he is getting pretty close to 60lbs. The vet told us he would probably be between 80-90, which is pretty big. But we will see…

But for me, the biggest and best change that has happened, is that he is finally starting to lead during walks! As a guide dogs in training, it's important that they give some sort of pull or lead when walking, since this is exactly what they will have to do in harness! Baity has always been a very slow walker and enjoyed lagging behind. But all of a sudden, he has much more enthusiasm for walks, and manages to keep the perfect distance and pull in front of me the whole walk! I was thrilled the first time this happened yesterday.

So although Baity is growing and becoming a bigger dog and less of a puppy each day, he is becoming a better guide dog and is learning so much. It's sad to see my little boy grow so quickly, but I am also extremely excited for all the things the future holds for him as he becomes a full grown dog, and confident guide dog.

Until the next adventure...

Friday, July 8, 2011

June Puppy Meeting-Billy Graham Library

Back in June we had a very special puppy meeting. We got to go to the Billy Graham Library with the puppies and Baity's brother Austin (see April post) and his puppy raiser were in town and got to come with us too!
Baity                   Austin

Puppy obedience before going inside library-"sit stay"

In a "down stay"

I knew that it was going to be a hard meeting for Baity because his brother was going to be there and they couldn't great each other or play (while they are in coat no greeting allowed). Austin didn't seem to mind this at all. Baity on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled to not be able to play with his brother. 

Going to the library was a really great experience and even though my focus was mostly on Baity, I still was able to enjoy all there was to see. There was even a talking cow (no, sadly it's not real) but Baity didn't even notice it. Apparently the other dogs were more interesting to him than a talking mammal.

"Um Baity, did you know there's a talking cow behind you?"

To finish off the meeting all of us puppy raisers enjoyed a lunch at the cafe. The dogs, as usual after meetings, were exhausted and slept the whole lunch. Ofter having to do obedience in the 95 degree heat and then have to walk the whole library/museum, Baity definitely had his exercise for the day and slept the rest of the day.

Until the next adventure...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Again

Well Baity is finally back! Truthfully, it felt like he was gone for more than a week. Yesterday we came home from the beach, and then he was dropped off later that day. I was definitely happy to receive all of the tail wagging and kisses when he was dropped off. He seemed thrilled to be home, and had gotten bigger! His head is a couple inches longer and he is about an inch or two taller. According to his puppy sitter, he was very well behaved and was his usual sleep-all-the-time lazy self. Except of course when he was chewing the death out of the unfortunate other dog. Yes, for some odd reason he enjoys chewing on her ears and neck…

Tired eyes

When Baity came home, he did the one thing he loves most…sleep. He was done nothing but sleep all day. I think he is going through another growth spurt because he is sleeping a little bit more than usual…if that’s even possible.  At this very moment he is sleeping while a huge thunderstorm is going on outside, but it seems to have no effect on him. Occasionally he will stretch but stays in his tummy up position sleeping the day away…

Until the next adventure...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Away for the first time...

I can't believe it is already July. This summer has really been going by fast!

It's been a while since I have updated the blog on Baity's recent adventures. We have been traveling and I have been busy getting everything settled for my college classes this fall.

For Fourth of July weekend every year, my family and I go to the beach for the week. Baity has already been to the beach 3 times this year, and we were looking forward to bringing him again. We were then informed that the puppies cannot have any sort of exposure to fireworks, because this can lead to a fear of other loud noises (which we Do Not want to happen). After realizing how many places we were going that Baity couldn't go to (parasailing, lots of fireworks, amusement parks) I decided that it was best for Baity to stay with a sitter so he wasn't all cooped up in his crate all week.

(Note: Because he is a puppy in training he can't stay with just anyone. It has to be someone who knows about the schools rules, guidelines, commands, etc. Usually another raiser)

That being said, this is Baity's very first time being away from me for more than a day! I know that Baity is completely enjoying his time with the sitter who happens to have 2 other dogs (her puppy in training just want back to the school). This is a big treat for him because we don't have other dogs. Only a cat who doesn't share the same friendly feelings as Baity.

The funny thing about having him gone while we are here at the beach, it that I keep asking myself "Wait! Where is the dog!?" only to realize that he isn't here. And although I know this is a good thing for both of us, because he will be participating in something called a "puppy swap" in a few months. Having your little puppy who is always with you wherever you go, gone for a week, gives you a little bit of the sad reality that he will be heading back to the school next year. I know that as a raiser this will be the hardest thing I have to do, but I always remind myself of the great things he is going to do one day, and the person's life he will completely change.

Until the next Adventure...