Friday, July 8, 2011

June Puppy Meeting-Billy Graham Library

Back in June we had a very special puppy meeting. We got to go to the Billy Graham Library with the puppies and Baity's brother Austin (see April post) and his puppy raiser were in town and got to come with us too!
Baity                   Austin

Puppy obedience before going inside library-"sit stay"

In a "down stay"

I knew that it was going to be a hard meeting for Baity because his brother was going to be there and they couldn't great each other or play (while they are in coat no greeting allowed). Austin didn't seem to mind this at all. Baity on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled to not be able to play with his brother. 

Going to the library was a really great experience and even though my focus was mostly on Baity, I still was able to enjoy all there was to see. There was even a talking cow (no, sadly it's not real) but Baity didn't even notice it. Apparently the other dogs were more interesting to him than a talking mammal.

"Um Baity, did you know there's a talking cow behind you?"

To finish off the meeting all of us puppy raisers enjoyed a lunch at the cafe. The dogs, as usual after meetings, were exhausted and slept the whole lunch. Ofter having to do obedience in the 95 degree heat and then have to walk the whole library/museum, Baity definitely had his exercise for the day and slept the rest of the day.

Until the next adventure...

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