Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home sweet home...

Last Friday, me and my family flew out to California to go to a wedding and do some sight seeing while we were there. This trip had been planned since last year, before we even got Baity. At first, we thought we would take him because it would be a really great experience for him, and he would have lots of exposures. Our area coordinator (AC) said that taking him would depend on how well he could hold having to go to the bathroom, especially on a plane ride that could get stuck on the runway for a while. Even though I knew Baity would have behaved himself and would have loved CA, we decided that it would be easier if we left him at home.  We were staying in a hotel and the idea that I may have to leave him there alone at some point, didn't sit well with me.
That being said, he got to go stay with a sitter who is currently raising a puppy in training named Hedy. She is a little bit older than Baity, but when I dropped him off they both were rolling around playing like young puppies. The sitter also had two other dogs, both males, which was good for Baity since he doesn't get many male dogs to play with (his buddy Joe just went IFT [in for training] last weekend). I got an e-mail last night after we arrived home, from his sitter and she had sent some pictures of Baity and the other dogs.

Baity and Hedy

 Did I ever mention how much he loves fireplaces...

When he came home early this morning, he was definitely excited to be home, but I know he must miss his buddies! He will definitely be excited next time he sees them.

Until the next adventure...

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