Saturday, July 2, 2011

Away for the first time...

I can't believe it is already July. This summer has really been going by fast!

It's been a while since I have updated the blog on Baity's recent adventures. We have been traveling and I have been busy getting everything settled for my college classes this fall.

For Fourth of July weekend every year, my family and I go to the beach for the week. Baity has already been to the beach 3 times this year, and we were looking forward to bringing him again. We were then informed that the puppies cannot have any sort of exposure to fireworks, because this can lead to a fear of other loud noises (which we Do Not want to happen). After realizing how many places we were going that Baity couldn't go to (parasailing, lots of fireworks, amusement parks) I decided that it was best for Baity to stay with a sitter so he wasn't all cooped up in his crate all week.

(Note: Because he is a puppy in training he can't stay with just anyone. It has to be someone who knows about the schools rules, guidelines, commands, etc. Usually another raiser)

That being said, this is Baity's very first time being away from me for more than a day! I know that Baity is completely enjoying his time with the sitter who happens to have 2 other dogs (her puppy in training just want back to the school). This is a big treat for him because we don't have other dogs. Only a cat who doesn't share the same friendly feelings as Baity.

The funny thing about having him gone while we are here at the beach, it that I keep asking myself "Wait! Where is the dog!?" only to realize that he isn't here. And although I know this is a good thing for both of us, because he will be participating in something called a "puppy swap" in a few months. Having your little puppy who is always with you wherever you go, gone for a week, gives you a little bit of the sad reality that he will be heading back to the school next year. I know that as a raiser this will be the hardest thing I have to do, but I always remind myself of the great things he is going to do one day, and the person's life he will completely change.

Until the next Adventure...

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