Saturday, September 22, 2012

County Museum

In August we got to go to another meeting at a museum. It had some great exposures for the dogs, and we all had a blast! We even had the treat of getting to spend the meeting with a woman who is blind and has a guide dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Going over comands-Come

Getting some praise

Tea Party with the pups


Checking out the antennas 


Charlotte in the "Dog house"

Checkin out their great great great great grandfather!( :P )

(* Not sure which dog because it is not with its actual puppy raiser, sorry!)
Chris, Vivi, Mick, Harry, Emilie, Charlotte, *, Fran

Until the next Adventure...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Guide Dog Meeting: Scavenger Hunt

Back in July we went to our area coordinator's house for a big scavenger hunt with all the dogs. It was lots of fun and it was great getting to see all the dogs and how much they had grown. We also got to see Magda, Charlotte's sister (see first post on Charlotte), who we haven't seen since we first got Charlotte!
Reassuring Charlotte that the water is OK


 Who knew dogs love watermelon!
 Charlotte, Magda. (P.S Charlotte is not super small, it's just the angle)

Charlotte cross eyed!

Charlotte enjoying her watermelon

Pretty Magda

Magda (left)  Charlotte (right)   Sorry for the hand!

Until the next adventure...

Baity's Graduation

Well it's been over a month now since I announced Baity made it as a guide dog and I think it's about time I finally tell about our weekend down in FL meeting Baity and his new partner!

Once we got to the school on Saturday morning all the puppy raisers were read a letter from their dog's new owner about their life and how the dog was going to change their life. We then went outside and waited as one-by-one each dog and their partner come out and walked around for us all to see. It was exciting watching our puppies, all grown up, now leading and directing someone.

Baity and his new partner Jason!

 Baity couldn't stop wagging and licking us he was so excited to see us!

 Baity was content and happy with both his raiser and new partner by his side

Behind us you could see all the other raisers talking with their dog's new partners. It was a very exciting and emotional time. 

Baity with his tie-dyed scarf that Jason made for him

Family photo!

Baity immediately went to sleep and was out the rest of the time. He's still the same old Baity!

Baity and Jason off to start their new lives together!

This is a picture of the three puppies named after the police officers who were killed in action. Baity (with his tongue out), Crawford (yellow), and Yaz (black). Both Baity and Crawford made it as guide dogs!

The police officer that Baity was named after was killed in St. Petersburg, FL during a rescue attempt of a follow officer. Ironically, Baity will now be living in St. Petersburg with Jason. While one life was taken in St. Petersburg, another life has been given in memory of the great police officer. His legacy will continue as Baity will now guide and protect someone in the city that the officer gave his life trying to protect and serve. I couldn't have been more proud to raise a puppy in honor of such a great man.

So while this chapter of Baity's life comes to a close, his adventures are just getting started with Jason....And let's not forget that Charlotte still has many more adventures coming her way!