Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids Museum

Back in June we had a great puppy meeting at a kids center. It's kind of like a museum, but it has lots of activities and fun things for young kids to do. It's very important that we expose the puppies to all different ages of kids because many dogs can develop a fear of children if they are not introduced to them early on, or frequently. The trip was definitely a success and lots of fun!

Doing some puppy obedience
From left going counter clockwise:
Charlotte (yellow),  Heather (black), Patty (black), Booker (black), Chris (black), Penny (yellow), Vivi (yellow), Inspire (yellow), Freela (black male lab)

No one realizes how much work and time it takes to get all the dogs sitting and ignoring each other just long enough for a picture!

After (5 minutes later)

 Learning to ignore balls

Scary window


Getting a vet checkup!

 Chris taking a nap in the race car

More Socializing

Until the Next Adventure...

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