Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Charlotte!

As I mentioned in previous posts, while we were down in FL taking Baity back we were also getting another puppy! We didn't know anything about her except that she was a Golden Retriever from a donated liter. When we were at the school on Friday doing the tour we got to see a picture of the litter. On Saturday after turning Baity back in we got to go over to the puppy kennels to see the liter, but not allowed to touch them since they were in quarantine (just to be safe and not spread anything). We also were told that her name was Charlotte!

Finally, on Sunday we met our area coordinator at the school (she was picking up puppies to bring back for our group) and were able to be the first ones to see Charlotte. She was so tiny and just 8 wks old (same age Baity was when we got him). We also found out that another puppy raiser in our group who is currently raising Baity's half brother Oakley, was getting Charlotte's sister Magda. Our area coordinator also brought home a 3 month old black lab named Chris, and a 6 month old chocolate lab named Harris. Because of the long drive home we decided that it would be best for the sisters to ride home together.

 Chris, Charlotte, and Magda

They also spent the first night together at our area coordinators house. Monday morning we picked her up and we stayed around a bit to let the puppies play with each other.

 Magda          Charlotte

On our way home we made a couple stops and even took her to Target for the first time! We may have to get her whining a bit more under control until we take her back. Many people were confused as to why my shopping cart was whining. She spent the rest of the day just sleeping away...

My sister holding her (don't worry, the car wasn't moving :) )                  

First time in Target

Charlotte's adventures are just getting started...


  1. What a cutie! And a charlotte is a good name too :)

  2. Hi. Beau is in my house, who is Charlotte's brother, and we also have Sammy, another brother of Charlotte in our group.