Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Fair and Park Meeting

At the beginning of the month our family went to a book fair for the weekend that we have been attending each year for the past 4 years. We took Baity last year and it went so well I thought it would be great to take Charlotte. It was a lot easier this time because I knew where all the best "Busy" (potty) spots were. There is a huge section of the book fair with lots of booths selling books which provides lots of great distractions and new exposures. I was able to talk to many people interested in puppy raising and even ran into someone who used to puppy raise in our group!

Charlotte finally finished all her shots so she was able to start going to puppy meetings! We went to a park that had lots of animals, bridges, and a creek which were great exposures for the puppies. The weather was also amazing! That day it was about 70 with a light breeze which was perfect for walking around. Charlotte even got the courage to run through the creek. Which unfortunately resulted in a VERY dirty, wet puppy. Luckily the meeting wore her out, so the minute we were in the car she crashed.

Until the Next Adventure...

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