Friday, May 20, 2011

Hanging out with Lucy

About a month ago Baity started having play dates with our next door neighbor's dog Lucy. She is a cocker spaniel-poodle mix, and very tiny compared to Baity. Whenever they are both outside they try to play with each other through the fence by running back and forth along the fence, taking turns leading. It's quite funny to watch.

I usually try and plan a play date with Lucy on a day I know Baity won't be getting out. That he can get out some energy. Lucy does a great job wearing Baity out!

 The first time he played with her she was a little unsure of him because he would constantly try to jump on her, even though he was her size at the time. But now, they get along like best friends and enjoy just laying around together and playing "keep away."

The one draw back of her living next door and being his favorite play buddy, is that she is quite a distraction when we are outside. Whenever we are on walks and walk by her house he always trys to pull towards her house. They just can't get enough time with each other!

Until the Next Adventure...

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