Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traffic walk and new siblings!

This past weekend, we had a Guide Dog meeting a shopping center nearby and the puppies got to do a traffic walk and grocery store visit. But the biggest thing for Baity, was that he got to meet his hlaf siblings for the first time! 2 girls, Kelly and LaDelia, and Oakley. They were all SO cute and look JUST like Baity; white with tan all over. They all share the same dad, Bentley, so I'm curious to see if they have some of the same characteristics that Baity has. He was thrilled to see a bunch of new puppies, and even made sure to be gentle with them. It was definitely a good distraction for Baity and gave me an opportunity to work on "no pulling," since he typically does really well on leash.

From left: Kelly, Oakley, Baity

 Sisterly love

Before the traffic walk we went into the grocery store in order to get some exposures, Baity has been to the grocery store many times so I knew he'd enjoy it. Like he usually does when I go somewhere, if I stood in the same place too long or stopped to take a picture, he plopped right down and started to go to sleep. We did have a little incident or should I say "accident" in the middle of the store. Baity is usually very good about going potty when I give him a chance before going into a store, but with all the excitement I guess he just didn't realize he had to go. So not even 2 minutes into the store, he left a nice long trail in the produce section. This would normally not be a problem except that I didn't have enough cleaning supplies for the large trail. 10 paper towels later we were good and on our way. Since then, I have made sure to carry a Sham-Wow with me (very absorbent) and also we heard that puppy training pads are very good for messes. 


The traffic walk went really well, just as I had suspected, and Baity barely took notice of the fast passing cars of the busy road. He was way more interested in his cute little siblings.

Ignoring traffic
 From left: Oakley, LaDelia, Kelly, Baity

After the meeting a bunch of us raisers went out to eat, and since the puppies were so tired they went right to sleep under the table. Baity enjoyed cuddling up to one of the older puppies, Lexie and she did so good ignoring his nips and distractions.

Until the next adventure...

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