Monday, May 16, 2011

One on one time with the Baity!

(An older picture of Baity, I need to upload my new ones!)

This week, Baity got to be the proud pup and watch his primary graduate. Because his primary had to be there early, and would be busy walking down the aisle, and accepting her high school diploma, I was tasked with watching him. He did very good as we took our seat, me on a bench and him on the floor.

However, there was one problem, the floor was linoleum! Now 1. Baity loves cold floors, so he immediately went to sleep like a good pup, but 2. Linoleum floors cause fury little puppies to slide very slowly forward until there under the next bench in front of them, where his primary (Gabby) was sitting. We soon figured out that if I straddled him, using my foot to keep him sliding, he could stay in one spot. Of course I looked funny doing this in a dress, but if it works for Baity, it works for me!

When taking a puppy everywhere, you always have to plan for the unexpected. Kongs, those rubbery funny looking toys you can put peanut butter in, are perfect toys in quiet environments. One of the things we planned on was Baity possibly making noise if he say his primary go on stage. Only Baity had other plans because I was prepared to have to shush him, but instead he just kept on sleeping! Way to go Baity! He slept through the first 45 minutes of the ceremony before becoming a little restless. All he needed was his Kong and he was fine. He then fell back alseep for the remainder of the ceremony.

Baity lasted 2 hours in a very quiet environment, I was so proud! Of course I made a bee line for the door once we were done so he could relieve himself, then he got to attend the afterparty. He did well there and got exposure to many kids (Gabby has all the pictures to prove it). My highlight of the night was when I held Baity and got to witness him being so sweet and gentle to someone he could possibly serve. I was so proud of him in this moment!

Until the next adventure...

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