Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Months Old!

I can't believe Baity is growing so fast! Today he is 4 months, which not only means he's getting older, but also means that he gets to go more places and do more things. Tomorrow he will be getting his 16wk shots, and after that he won't have to go back for another year *Baity leaps with joy,* this also means that he will be able to go to all the puppy meetings to see the other guide dogs in training. Because of the possible exposure to other dogs who do not have all their shots, he wasn't able to go to any of the puppy meetings this past month, because they have been in parks.

Today was also a very proud moment for me as a raiser. After church we took Baity out to eat with us, like usual, and there was a little 1 yr old girl running around the restaurant. Now Baity absolutely loves little children, especially little toddlers, and tends to get quite hyper and excited when they are near. He was lying down wide awake while we were enjoying our lunch and the little girl was right next to us, running back and forth in front of Baity's head. He stayed laying down even when she came inches from his nose. I was so proud of him for staying completely calm and for not trying to jump up and try to join the fun. Only when she reached out her little hand to his nose did he lift his head and give her sweet kisses on her hand. She squealed with happiness but he remained laying down while kissing her. Then she continued to run around while he just laid there and watched. I gave him lots of praise for staying so calm and being so well behaved...he really is growing up so fast!

Little girl running past Baity

Sweet kisses!

Until the Next Adventure...

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