Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Beach Bum

For Spring break our family decided to take a last minute trip to the beach. We were really excited for Baity to experience the beach for the first time, since he going to get to spend lots of time there during the summer.

The ride to the beach, which took about 4 hrs, he did nothing but sleep and enjoy the cold air conditioning blowing on his face. If you want Baity to go right to sleep, we found that the trick is air condition!

We stopped at a farm about 2 hours into the trip to take a "busy" and dinner break. We ended up running into a lady who had her 8wk old black lab puppy with her! I couldn't believe how tiny he was compared to Baity... only six weeks earlier he had been that small! I was able to share with her what little experience I had in house training and encouragement that her puppy will pick up house breaking eventually and you just have to keep at it!

The next morning we took Baity to the ocean. Baity barely noticed the difference in the texture of the sand and walked straight to the waters edge. He sat there for a minute observing the scene before him and then quickly realized how much fun the little waves could be. We even went for a little run down the beach and he loved every minute of it! The rest of the time he just sat in the sand with me observing people playing ball, strange seagulls and loud waves. The trip to the beach was definitely a success, and looks like it may be one of Baity's favorite places to go!

Checking out the ocean

 Watching the people play catch

 Happily observing 
Until the Next adventure...

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