Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wet and Wild

   Today Baity got a chance to try out his new baby pool! Not only have we discovered he likes the water, which is very good (it is also common in labs), but we have discovered he is no longer needing as many naps.

   Needless to say, he is sure keeping us on our toes. He has little spurts of energy that last longer now, except for if he plays with other dogs, goes on outings or goes on a walk. After exerting such energy, he usually likes to chill (literally) on our cold tile floor. He is after all, as we say, half polar bear.

   More and more everyday he is getting darker yellow patches. Gone are the days of him being a fuzzy white puppy with not much coordination. Now, he is able to actually run without tripping over himself. He's still quite clumsy at times, but we love him so.

   Looking back at pictures of Baity reminds me of how time has flown. The tiny puppy we once knew is tiny no longer. His massive paws suggest he will grow to be a very big dog, but we are excited sense we like big dogs. So far all is good as he is healthy and happy.

   With Baity growing older each and every day, he is now able to go to more places. Tuesday, he was able to attend Ben and  Jerry's free ice cream day, a tradition for us. He did well with some of the ice cream that was around him, and especially loved the little children when he sat down and was calm enough for them to pet him. He also got exposer to bubbles. At first he didn't know what to think of them, but soon he was busy watching them intently. Afterwards we went to lunch where he was a good dog while we eat our tacos.

   Friday morning, his primary left without him due to being unable to take him to this one place. We watched him and noticed how much more energy he had. After she came back, he was excited to see her, but soon was asleep on the cold floor after no morning nap. Later that day he got to go on an outing which I sadly missed. When I arrived home he was still awake, a big change, but then took a short siesta before dinner.

   Baity ended today with behaving well on his tie down while we watch Tron Legacy. He even started watching at one point, till he got too tired and went to sleep.

   So as you can still, our adventurous little pup still loves to sleep. However, he is needing it less and less each day. Until the next adventure! (Pictures to come soon, I promise!)

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