Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun in the Sun With Austin, Aston, and Joe!

A week and a half ago I got a call from one of the other raisers in our puppy group asking if Baity and I would like to come over for a playdate because his brother Austin was going to be in town and would be coming over with his raiser! Austin and his raiser live about 4 hours away, so I was thrilled that Baity was going to get to see one of his brothers again. Austin's raiser also raised Baity's dad, Bentley, so I was able to ask all sorts of questions about Bentley and found that in many ways Baity is just like his dad! (Scruffy neck, brown tipped ears, his love for anything cold, and many other small things)

The brotherly reunion between them both was adorable, they immediately started jumping and playing with each other. One of the first things I noticed about Austin was that he looks JUST like Baity, but it was pretty easy to tell which was which because although they looked a lot a like, Baity was quite a bit bigger than Austin. They had lots of fun rolling around, biting and tackling each other.

Baity's brother Austin

Joe introducing Baity to the baby pool

Not only was Austin there, but a retired guide dog named Aston and the host's dog Joe was as well. Baity and Austin spent much of their time tackling Joe... and flattening the bushes.

The rest of the day consisted of Baity doing nothing but sleeping and lounging around from exhaustion. He had a great day playing with Austin and Joe!

Until the Next Adventure...

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