Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Puppy Meeting: Boat ride and first swim!

(WARNING: There are lots of photos on this post)
This past weekend we had our puppy meeting at a nearby lake.  We got the opportunity to take the puppies on a boat ride, and even swimming.
It was definitely a good day to get in the water since this day was particularly hot. Our weather tends to be in the high 90's during the summer, but that day it got into the 100's. Baity especially loved the boat ride and none of the dogs seemed to mind the moving of the boat, or the noise.

Although the sun was scorching hot, the breeze allowed for the dogs to stay cool. But because of the direct sunlight, we had to put some sunscreen on his nose (light colored dogs can burn) but the only color we had is blue! This made for some very cute blue nosed puppy pictures. All the puppies enjoyed sticking their heads through the railing and watching the water, especially Baity who seemed to want to do nothing but watch the water and feel the breeze!
Not all of the puppies in training were able to make it to the meeting, but Baity's half brother Oakley, as well as sisters Judy and Waffles, were all able to be there. 


 Baity                               Oakley
Oakley is growing fast and catching up to Baity! They are just about the same height, but Baity is still heavier than Oakley. The main difference between the two is that Oakley is quite a bit darker than Baity, especially on his ears.

Oakley catching some wind!

 Oakley                               Baity 

After the fun, and very hot, boat ride we took Baity and Oakley swimming. I wasn't sure how Baity would react since he has only been in a baby swimming pool and knee deep in the ocean, but never where he couldn't reach. Once I took the first step into the water (which I might add was VERY warm), he was right behind me. To my happiness and surprise, Baity got right into the water and started swimming around! He even jumped of the dock all by himself. I took him on the dock, he saw his brother jump in after his raiser, and Baity jumped right in after him! Because we had them on leash the whole time, this meant I had to quickly jump in the water after him! After all the swimming Baity decided he was done swimming around and just sat in the mud and watched his brother splash around. And like the usual end to a great day, Baity slept the rest of the day.

Baity        Oakley

Right when both dogs (and raisers) jumped in at once 

Until the next adventure...

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