Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Its been a few weeks since I've updated, and the big reason why is that I have been getting ready to start college and have had to work out a bunch of things. Some even concerning bringing Baity to school. Because I am supposed to take Baity everywhere with me, he will also be coming to college with me.  I am commuting to school during the week, which means lots of driving for Baity and me, but it also means that I can bring Baity easily to campus.

I am very excited to be able to bring Baity to college with me this year and he will get to go for about 1 1/2 semesters. It has definitely been strange not having Baity this week! I decided ahead of time that it would be a good idea to go the first week of college by myself in order to make sure I know the layout of the school and where my classes are, and even the best places to sit in class so Baity, and I, will have the most room. It has also worked well because it has given me a chance to talk with my professors to let them know that I'm the one bringing the service dog in training, and to see if they were showing any kind of concern or worry, which they didn't. ( If someone does have an issue there is someone they are supposed to go to)

I know that Baity will be very happy once he is able to finally come with me to college. My family told me that when I leave he sits there looking out the door waiting for me to come back whining pitifully (No, they are not supposed to whine... but we are still working on that), and they have to try all sorts of things to distract him. Which makes me feel terrible for leaving him behind!  The dogs really become attached to their raisers...and we become really attached to them too! But it is for the best because if I know the campus really well, it means less walking for Baity :)

Yesterday was especially exciting for me because I got to see a working guide dog! It was a black lab, and because of the size I think it was a female. I was told that there are about 4 service dogs on campus, so I was sure to run into one eventually. Because I have a part in the raising and process of a service dog, it really excites me to see a working service dog, especially a guide dog. It gives you a sense of happiness and reassurance that all the work you're doing and the hard time you are going to have separating from your puppy, is all completely worth it in the end.

I will be sure to post some pictures and an update once Baity starts going to class with me next week.

Until the next adventure...

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