Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7 Months Old!

Today Baity is 7months old! The last month has really flown by-which I find myself saying quite a bit these days. Baity is officially past the half a year point. I know that these next months are going to fly by, and although its sad to see Baity become less and less puppy, he is becoming a great dog, and great future guide dog!

7 Things I love about Baity being 7 months old:

1. He is taller and bigger. This means less bending down, and No carrying (technically I stopped carrying him at about 3 or 4 months old)
2. He no longer lags behind-Its nice to not have to pull extra weight on walks in 98 degree summer heat
3. He now pulls forward- Yay! Because he is training to be a guide dog, its always a good thing when they give a LITLLE pull on the leash, since they will be leading someone in a harness someday.
4. No more accidents (especially in stores)- Big Yay!
5. More energy and endurance- While others would argue that more of these things in a puppy are not a good thing, for the Always Tired Mr. Baity, this is a very good thing. I can now take him to more than one store in a day!
6. He knows and follows the rules (well, most of the time)- Cords: not a problem, furniture and shoes: never touches or climbs on, little bits of paper and trash and basically anything small: still working on... Hey he is all retriever :)
7. He is just a great, happy, fun puppy!

 (This is the face I get anytime I tell him "stay" and then attempt to back away...its a face thats hard to resist...and he knows it!)

Until the next adventure...


  1. Aww, Baity is really growing up - Happy 7 months!
    Guess it's been a while since I've attended a puppy meeting!
    I'll be puppy sitting Hedy in Sept. but I would love to puppy sit him for you sometime... if he ever needs a "farm" exposure - he's welcome here for a weekend/week!

    Allison - Rudy's Raiser

  2. Thanks! I will keep you in mind :) He could definitely use some more animal/farm exposure.