Thursday, December 22, 2011

In For Training Possible Date

Baity is currently the oldest dog in our puppy group, which means his IFT date should be coming up soon. The age is about 12-14 months when they call the dogs back, but it just depends on the school. I was told that Baity is not on the list for January, and the next date isn't until March 3rd. So, I think that the March 3rd date may be his in for training date since he will be almost 14 months old.

Almost everyone asks me how I can give him up, I always reply that you just remind yourself of what he is going to do for someone one day, and remind yourself of the fact that although you love him, you will have to give him back soon. 98% of people tell me they couldn't do it. The truth is no one wants to or really can, but you do it anyway. Yes it will be sad the day you have to give them up, and truthfully I will probably be very sad for a while after that. But if you had the choice to not have gotten them and therefor not have had to give them up, if sure all puppy raisers would agree that the time with the dogs is something you wouldn't trade, even if its for a short while. The puppy become your sidekick and everyone recognizes you by your dog. Its weird when you don't have them by your side, and attachment they get to you and you to them is one that is very unique. That being said, I know Baity's day to take him back will be a hard one, but its one we all have to do. It teaches you to appreciate everyday, and that some of the best things in life require some sacrifice.

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