Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puppy Camp-Judy!

Puppy camp has finally arrived! Just this past weekend all of us raisers swapped dogs. The reason? To get the dogs exposed to working with someone new, for them to experience and go places that they haven't been, and to also help us as raisers to work with different dogs personalities. The dogs will be swapped for 2 weeks, then we will switch back. For the next two weeks I get the adorable Judy!

Today was Judy's second day of college. So far she has been doing great and sleeps right through all my classes! The only embarrassing, but cute, thing that she does is makes this moan/sigh/groan type of noise when she is sleeping, and everyone looks at me like I'm the one that made it. So she definitely keeps class interesting. Personality wise I would say that her and Baity are opposites. Baity is completely lazy at home, but has more energy when he goes places. Where Judy is energetic at home, and calm in coat (which is exactly what you want). She definitely is very obedient and does great whenever I take her out. I've had to explain to quite a bit of people why I have a black dog instead of a yellow one. I even had someone jokingly tell me that I should probably wash Baity.
Judy is definitely doing great in college, and seems to be really enjoying it!

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