Saturday, February 4, 2012

In For Training/ Raising Again??

We officially got the notice for Baity's IFT date, and just like we had expected it's March 3rd. It's hard to believe we only have a month left until he goes back. I know that once he goes back everyone at school will be asking where he is. It's funny how you can be so well known just for your dog. March 3rd is also the date that the school is going to be having their WalkAThon, which I am really excited we get to be a part of. Baity was picked up during the WalkAThon last year (brought home by another raiser), and I find it funny that he is also going back the day of WalkAThon. I heard that a large group of puppies will be going back that day so I am hoping, and assuming, that his siblings will come back the same day. It will be a like one big family reunion!

On a happier note. A question I have been asked now that we are telling people Baity is going back, is if we are going to raise another puppy. Originally we had decided that we wanted to keep raising puppies, but then it looked like our schedules' over the summer were not going to really permit it. My schedule has been getting more hectic and I would need my sisters to want to commit to becoming more of a co-raiser with me. So we decided we would take a break. Then we got an email that some puppies are available for our group and that we would be able to get one when Baity went back. My sister/sisters' decided they really wanted to commit to it, so now we are going to be raising another puppy again! This time we decided it would be a good idea to get a girl because if my younger sister will be handling the dog more, we need one that won't actually be bigger than her! We are very excited to be getting her. She is a female golden retriever. What's great is that I will be on break for the whole week after we get the puppy (spring break) so it works out really well! So although IFT will be very sad, it ill also be exciting because we are getting another puppy.

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