Saturday, February 11, 2012

The dreaded trip to the vet...

Friday morning we had to take Baity to the vet to get neutered. We felt so bad for Baity and I felt as if I was betraying the poor thing since he had no idea what was coming! In case you are wondering why we took so long to neuter him, the guide dog school has us wait to neuter and spay the dogs in order to see if they will be breeders. We weren't really given a reason as to why he needed to get neutered, but I'm assuming that once they saw all his vets visits, worms incidents, and problems with his tummy and food, they were like no way!
He is recovering just fine and has definitely been a little loopy today doing nothing but sleeping and staying put in my room. Sadly, he will be confined to the house for the next two wks (at least one wk depending on how he heels) which means he will miss his very last puppy meeting this Saturday. I was really hoping he would get to go since it is his half siblings birthday party and there will lots of playing and running around, but obviously those aren't very good conditions for him since he will still be healing. But I know he will be back to his regular self in no time :)'

Until the Next Adventure...

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  1. Hope Baity recovers quickly! It is hard to believe that he is already ready to go IFT! It seems like just yesterday when he was a tiny little guy! He is going back with some great dogs! Give Baity a rub from me