Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ikea Meeting

Last week our puppy meeting took place at Ikea. For the past few weeks I had been putting together the meeting. Ikea, for those who may not know, is huge furniture/ room display store (I believe it is swedish). I absolutely love that store and kind of think of it as a museum! The staff were great and it and had some great ideas of things to expose the puppies to. We had a recycling compactor which was really loud, a freight elevator, and we got to see and hear a fork lift! We also worked on some obedience training inside the store, which worked great because all the dogs were tired so they concentrated really well! I really enjoyed to meeting and hope all the other puppy raisers did as well! The staff was great and I hope they enjoy seeing what goes into all our puppy meetings!

 Dogs: Baity, Patty, Brandon, Kelly, Penny, Mick

 Baity is on bottom and his half sister kelly is at the top. During lunch they kept trying to inch their way towards each other. It was a cute sibling moment.
Until The Next Adventure...

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